Batch convert voxel data to APR.

import paprica

First we define the path where the data is located, you can use the data used for testing or your own data.

path = '../../../data/synthetic/tif'

We then parse this data using the parser:

tiles = paprica.tileParser(path, frame_size=2048, ftype='tiff3D')

Next, we batch convert the data. Please refer to the original paper to understand and set correctly the conversion parameters. The parameters that do not appear below are automatically determined but can also be set by the user:

converter = paprica.tileConverter(tiles)
converter.batch_convert_to_apr(Ip_th=120,               # Intensity thresholding parameter
                               rel_error=0.2,           # Relative error parameter
                               gradient_smoothing=5,    # Gradient smoothing parameters

It is also possible to batch reconstruct data:

tiles_tiff = paprica.tileParser(path='path_to_tiff_data', frame_size=2048)
converter = paprica.tileConverter(tiles_tiff)